The Experience

On April 11th 1912, 123 passengers came to the busy harbour town of Queenstown (now known as Cobh), to board Titanic bound for New York.
Four days later they would find themselves fighting for their lives in one of the worlds most tragic maritime disasters.
With knowledgeable guides and immersive audio visual displays, we will take you on a unique and emotive journey back in time.


Titanic experience Cobh is a guided tour followed by access to our exhibition area. Allow Approx 1 hour for your visit.



Foreign Language Audio Sets are available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese & Polish



An Immersive, family friendly visitor attraction.

All tours start promptly at the tour time selected when booking your ticket so please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure you don’t miss a minute of our Titanic Experience.


  • On arrival you will receive a boarding card. This boarding card will have the details of one of the 123 passengers who came to the White Star Line ticket office on Thursday April 11th 1912.
  • You will then embark on a tour of the building in the capable hands of our knowledgeable tour guides, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the harbour just as it was in 1912.
  • Our tour guides, with the aid of AV presentations and cabin reconstructions will share fascinating stories of our embarking passengers, what life was like for them on board Titanic and how they found themselves onboard the most luxurious liner of her time.
  • When tragedy strikes, experience what really happened through the eyes of our Titanic survivors.
  • Take time to explore our exhibition area where you will discover:
  • Stories of the personal tragedies and triumphs of our passengers
  • The role of RMS Carpathia in the rescue of our survivors
  • The outcome of the formal British and US enquiries
  • A rare audio interview given by a surviving passenger
  • A selection of interesting artefacts including a rare chair from the rescue ship Carpathia, personal items from the Odell family collection, an original letter from a surviving passenger to her lost husbands family and original dinnerware from the White Star Line.
  • And much much more…..
  • Before you leave us, check our passenger information screens to discover the fate of your individual passenger.


default-avatar-Lauren M

Highly recommend a visit, the real link with the Titanic is palpable. This is the last point from which people boarded the tenders and made their way to the ship. Love the ticket you receive on entering the museum, it’s history and it’s outcome at the end of the tour. An absolute must of a stop.


Damien Byrne

default-avatar-Lauren M

Another Titanic experience.


This was another angle to the Titanic story for us. We had been to Halifax in Nova Scotia to see the Titanic museum there and to the Titanic experience in Belfast where she was built. Cobh (previously known as Queenstown) was the final pick-up before she set off on her ill-fated voyage. The experience is in the old White Star line offices and embarkation jetty and your entry ticket is given in the name as one of the passengers boarding at Cobh- you find out your fate at the end of the tour. The guide was excellent and led us around the audio- visual presentations, seeing the cabins of the different classes and learning the stories of the embarking passengers including your character.
It was a brilliant but chastening experience of the demise of such a magnificent ship.